Women’s Education Restrictions Only Temporary: Afghan MoCI

The Deputy of Youth in the Ministry of Information & Culture clarifies that restrictions on women’s education are temporary & IEA is committed to providing a Sharia-based education structure for women in the country

Mohammad Yunus Rashid said that the Islamic Emirate is trying to provide an education structure based on Sharia for women and girls in the country.

“The Islamic Emirate is making a policy for women’s education, the right that Islam gives to them, the Islamic Emirate is committed to that,” said Mohammad Yunus Rashid.

“The door of education is closed for our sister how long?” said Jawed Khapalwak, an Uruzgan resident.

Meanwhile, some youth called on the current government to provide work facilities for the young generation to prevent illegal immigration.

“Currently there is one commission in all of the departments that work in Uruzgan, and all previous government staff were fired from all departments,” said Wali Mohammad Pakhla, an Uruzgan resident.

“Why does a commission fire an employee, according to which right, it just happens in Uruzgan, not across the country, why?” said Akbar Khan, an Uruzgan resident.

“I studied at university in this country, have I committed a crime, or have I sinned, if I studied at school and university for sixteen years in the previous

government, is this my sin?” said Jumma Gul Hemmat, an Uruzgan resident.

Meanwhile, the deputy of Youth of the Ministry of Information and Culture said that recently they started work on a plan so that, with its implementation, work will be provided to more than three million young people in the country.

Earlier, youth in the country cited unemployment and the appointment of non-specialized people to institutions as the main reason for emigrating from the country.

Original Source: Tolo News


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