Tania Aidrus resigns under pressure of dual nationality amidst latest smear campaign

Back to the Stone Ages

Why is it that in our country matters such as whether one holds a dual nationality or not being held in greater standing than the work that person has put into their job? What their history and influence has been regarding their positions in question? Also, whether they are good for the progress of Pakistan?

Tania Aidrus resigns as SAPM

A sad day for Pakistan’s digital revolution dawns today. It brings forth a resignation that is likely to set the development of this sector at least 5 – 10 years back. With important developments like the banning of various entertainment sources online and the vulnerability of sensitive data collected by the National Command and Operation Centre regarding COVID 19 patients. Did the country really need to lose someone who could have handled all of these issues professionally and pertinently? Quitting her job as SAPM Ms. Tania Aidrus happens to be the latest causality in a long line of recent smear campaigns against the current government by the opposition.

Earlier this month, the government had released the details of assets and nationalities of special assistants and advisers to Prime Minister Imran Khan. Since then, her Canadian citizenship has been a matter of debate in the political circles and opposition lawmakers have questioned the presence of dual nationals in the Federal Cabinet.

Other Controversial smear campaigns regarding Data

In February, Ms.Tania  Adirus became a SAPM. Before coming back to Pakistan she worked for Google for 12 years in various leadership roles. Her last one being “Director, Product, Payments for Next Billion Users”. Additionally, earlier this month she found herself amidst another controversy. When her initiative of Digital Pakistan Foundation came under scrutiny by those against her. Opposition stalwarts claimed a conflict of interest arose when Ms. Aidrus as SAPM could not head a parallel non-profit organization. As usual, her name was dragged through the mud, only to have it all clarified later on. However, the smear campaign worked in sowing a seed of doubt against her reputation and integrity in the minds of the masses.

Who will lead the Digital Revolution now?

In a country where only a handful of people (especially women) are trusted with responsible and sensitive roles in the government. Pakistan looked to be on the right track by hiring people like Ms. Nighat Dad and Ms. Tania Aidrus. However, with such saddening recent developments, it feels like we are left high and dry again. Moreover, that too in a time where Pakistan needs to be developing laws, policies, and reforms regarding data.  As well as its vulnerability in the service and financial sector of Pakistan. Ms. Aidrus’s level of experience and her selfless return to serve her country and her people spoke volumes. Her resignation is sure to leave a vacuum in such a crucial industry for Pakistan.



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