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How to Contribute?

South Asia Times (SAT) welcomes all interested contributors and provides them a great platform to present their opinions and analysis on world views. 

Guidelines for Authors

Please follow the provided guidelines for website article submission.

  • SAT encourages original factual analysis, reports and opinions on issues that fall under the scope of our forum. 
  • Please make sure you DO NOT submit your article to multiple editors.
    SAT does not accept already published articles. 
  • Articles should maintain a length of 800-1200 words; in case of an extended word limit exceptions may be allowed at the discretion of the editor.
  • Develop an interesting title, with a key phrase that highlights your discussion.
  • A brief introductory abstract or a quote that welcomes potential readers.
  • Add frequent subheadings, preferably after every 300 words, to maintain reader’s focus.
  • Avoid passive voice and complex sentence structure.
  • Please use language that is generally understood by readers from various backgrounds.
  • Explain the abbreviations only once.
  • Make sure to add in-line hyperlinks of the sources used. Avoid the use of footnotes or endnotes.
  • Plagiarism of an idea, if found, will lead to automatic rejection. However, writers are allowed a certain percentage to the similarity index found on software such as Turnitin, which is less than 20%.

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South Asia Times (SAT) is a nonpartisan research and analytics academic domain. We encourage ingenious and quality-based research, covering the area of public policy, development and strategic studies.

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