Pakistan Achieves Milestone Develops its First Indigenous Ventilator

Faced with a surge in COVID-19 third wave, Pakistan will start the production of the COVID vaccine locally. This will commence from next month. National Institute of Health confirmed this news, making it to be a game-changer for Pakistan in terms so fighting COVID-19.

CanSinoBio Vaccines

NIH said that the required raw material for the COVID vaccination production will arrive next month. After which Pakistan will be able to provide the public with the vaccines. NIH also informed that the vaccine will be of single dosage.

Moreover, Chinese officials are helping with the production of the vaccine. The vaccine is called CanSinoBio. The vaccines are currently being imported from China to Pakistan to fulfil the public demand for vaccinations.

It might be a great milestone for Pakistan but it’s not the only milestone for Pakistan during the COVID era. Faced with an economic crisis and lack of imported equipment, Pakistan set out on the journey to develop its own ventilator. Recently, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) announced that they have developed Pakistan’s first local ventilator.

Pakistan’s Indigenous Ventilator

The Commission on Wednesday announced that they have made the first indigenous Intensive Care Unit Ventilator known as ‘i-LIVE’. The ventilator went through series of testing and reviews. Pakistan Engineering Council, Jinnah Hospital and Pakistan Innovation and Technology Centre conducted the reviews. They all approved the product as qualitatively efficient.

Furthermore, PAEC Spokesperson Shahid Riaz Khan said that the ventilators have passed tests to acquire the license. They are ready for deployment to different hospitals in Pakistan to assist the faculty and the patients. The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan issued a license to the ventilators. He further said that such innovations will set a trend of self-reliance and encourage others to build indigenous equipment and accessories to pull out Pakistan from the dependency on other countries in terms of basic medical accessories and equipment. PAEC Chairman Muhammad Naeem congratulated the doctors and engineers that led to the achievement of this milestone.

Lastly, the demand for ventilators increased in Pakistan in the initial phase of COVID-19. However, With time, the demand gradually decreased but with the third wave in full swing, this achievement of the first indigenous ventilators will prove to be a life-saver for many in Pakistan.


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