China Doesn’t Consider Pangong Lake Clash as a Talking Point Anymore

India China clash

China is now refusing to discuss the standoff in Pangong lake as a bone of contention between India and China. The country has simply dismissed it as a talking point. Moreover, it is mentioning its new positions within its territory. The Chinese ambassador has claimed that the disengagement is complete. China was at its line in the Pangong lake area. According to a news report on Indian media outlet “India today”.

Interestingly, China’s new stance on the Pangong Tso Finger complex stand-off is significant.  Considering the Chinese Army has implemented discussed disengagement protocols in full at the Galway Valley’s Patrol Point 14 and Patrol Point 15 in the Hot Springs sector just south. The disengagement at Patrol Point 17A at the restive Gogra Post has slowed but it is China’s Pangong deployment that has been of chief concern to India so far.

China is building its position silently

Additionally, according to satellite imagery, China is fortifying its position in the area by building supply routes. An analysis of the images shows the presence of heavy machinery for building roads and supply bases. The country is establishing new points in the Aksai Chin area to act as rapid response supply points if any clash happens in the Pangong lake area.

Technological advantage

On the other hand, Indian troops normally patrol the area by foot Chinese People’s Liberation Army has deployed vehicle patrol giving speed advantage to its soldiers. PLA also enjoys far better surveillance options in the area then the Indian army. PLA has deployed many technological tools that the Indian army lacks which gives PLA a clear advantage over the Indian army. Due to better surveillance tools PLA is actively monitoring Indian army movements and can pinpoint their Petrol easily.

Start of clash

Furthermore, tensions are high among two nuclear states of South Asia after a deadly crash in the disputed area. Which resulted in the death of several Indian soldiers in an unarmed fistfight with Chinese soldiers. The brawl between Indian and Chinese troops on the 15th of June resulted in the killing of 20 Indian soldiers and injuring at least 76 more. According to reports, soldiers used stones, rocks, sticks, and clubs to beat each other. The Chinese government has not released details of injuries or causalities on its side.


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