China Cashing the Rift Between Washington and Delhi

After a recent rift between Washington and Delhi, China is looking ambitious to exploit the situation to their interest. The rift comes after Washington very lazily assisted India in order to fight the new variant of COVID that has been causing thousands of deaths per day. It has even led to an oxygen crisis in India.

China Moves Forward

China has been using its foreign office and its state-owned media to propagate the fact that Washington failed to provide timely help to India. Resultantly, India has crossed the 17 million mark. The country has called this event a symbol of the US’ hostile move towards any nation which doesn’t cooperate with Washington to serve its interests.

It even said that the all-time high cooperation and diplomatic ties between two nations have proven to be just some weak clouds in the thunder. The US-India relation has dispersed once India was seen drowning in the new variant crisis.

China isn’t Alone

To Washington’s surprise, China wasn’t the only country complaining. Several news outlets in India were actually quite vocal against the US’s actions. They stated that the fact that the US delayed help has caused more issues. Ironically, not criticizing how Modi’s negligence has played a far greater role in all this.

Taste of its Own Medicine

China has played the current situation very well. The country blames the US for the very same ‘Vaccine diplomacy’ as it did to that of China when COVID initially started. China says that the US is applying the same tactic it accused China of doing. That is to say, the US was selling vaccines to countries devastated by the COVID to exert their influence on their economic policies.

This exploitation is no surprise as China has feuded with both countries, India and the US. Clashes in the previous year with India in terms of military and diplomatic have also caused severe damage to India and politics. It further goes deep as the US uses India as a pawn to counter china’s expansion in the region. This applies not only in Biden’s administration but also in Trump’s administration.

Cashing the Moment

Such relations with China and the US has caused damage to India’s old and strong policy of neutrality. India also continues to also keep its ties with Russia. Nonetheless, the shortage of equipment and necessary commodities in the Indian market has left India with no option but to approach the US for help.

China is cashing the delayed response of the US. The country has already taken a step and has reportedly sent around 8000 oxygen contractors to India via Hong Kong. They have decided to send 10,000 more. This move will not only weaken the US’ rhetoric of anti-china within India. However, it might also cause political turmoil in India.


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