The Astounding History and Role of Pakistan’s Embassy in Kabul

In this episode, Pakistan's outgoing ambassador to Afghanistan, Ambassador Mansoor Ahmad Khan, discusses Pakistan's pivotal role in Afghanistan and the illustrious history of the...

IEA’s Future Policies for Pak-Afghan Relations | Mr Zabihullah Mujahid

Pakistan and Afghanistan share deep historic, economic and religious ties. On the recent Pakistan's media delegation visit to Afghanistan, Pakistan's journalist had a chance...

CPEC as a Means to Bring Peace in South Asia | Dr Talat Shabbir

In this fifth episode, Dr Talat Shabbir discusses the significance of CPEC's second phase. Along with the proposal to extend CPEC to Afghanistan, he...

Kashmir After Three Years of Abrogation of Article 370

On this day in 2019, India scrapped Article 370 from its constitution and revoked Kashmir’s status as a separate state. Later, Indian government also...

India Warns Afghanistan From Joining CPEC | A Threat to Afghan Economic Potential

Afghanistan, a landlocked country, is dependent on other countries for its trade. Despite being a central point that connects South Asia, Central Asia, and...

India’s Twitter Security Breach and Impact on South Asian Cyber-Security

One of the claims made by Peiter Zatko, Twitter's former head of security who has since turned whistle-blower, is that Twitter was compelled by...

Catastrophic Impact of Climate Change in South Asia

Many natural disasters and catastrophes have occurred in South Asia as a result of climate change. When national solutions no longer work, it's time...

History of Cricket Craze in South Asia

When British colonized Indian Subcontinent, they brought cricket to this region. Since then, South Asians have owned this sport. Currently, only South Asian teams...

Rising Concerns Among Pakistan-Afghanistan-India | A Regional Unrest

Since the takeover of IEA, India has raised concerns on different forums. The recent statements of Army Chief of India and CRPF DG Kuldeep...

Rising Religious Violence in Indian States

Several acts of Muslim atrocities have been reported in India since the beginning of the month. From Gujarat to Uttar Pardesh, Muslims are publicly...

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