Mashhood Ahmed

Mashhood Ahmad is a student of International Relations at the National Defense University, Islamabad, and a researcher at South Asia Times (SAT). His areas of interest include History, Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, and Security Studies. Possessing a decent work ethic, he believes in efficiency and effectiveness, in both academic as well as non-academic research. Moreover, he has a proclivity toward book reading and tends to contribute in gathering, refining, and reproducing available consumable data. He tweets as @MausashiM.

Ethnic Multiplicity in Pakistan and Afghanistan: A Strength or a Weakness?

Both Pakistan and Afghan are home to number of ethnicities, having a history of ups and downs in their relations comparable to a sinusoidal wave. In contemporary times, these Ethnicities are not essentially in harmony with each other; with ethnic clashes in Afghanistan being much more violent than those in Pakistan.

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