Muhammad Saad


Zawahiri is Gone, But Not the Terrorism

Zawahiri's death is likely to mark the beginning of a new and potentially final chapter in al-Qaeda’s history, which began in Afghanistan in the late 1980s. However, his death does not lessen the broader threat posed by Al-Qaeda-affiliated groups operating outside of the United States.

Sri Lanka: The Great Economic Recession

Sri Lanka is witnessing the worst economic crisis in history. Varying hypotheses exist as to what brought this calamity over Sri Lanka. Internal economic policies coupled with systemic factors pushed Sri Lanka into a debt pile it does not seem to be coming out of.

Ukraine Crisis: A Liberal Delusion

Russia’s actions speak for themselves. Ukraine is a flat land buffer zone for Russia which has protected it from Napoleonic France, and Imperial and Nazi Germany. The West has been in a constant liberal delusion while Russia has acted realistically and defensively.

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