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Dr Hassaan Bokhari heads the India Desk at South Asia Times. He is a graduate of Rawalpindi Medical College, Rawalpindi. In 2018-19, he cleared the CSS competitive exam and was 34th in Pakistan. But, he declined to join the civil service in order to pursue his passion of the study and analysis of history more freely. Presently, he is running a youtube channel "Tarikh aur Tajziya" which focuses on the objective analysis of history and current affairs. Dr. Hassaan Bokhari has also authored a book titled "Forks in the Road" about the 1971 fratricide. He aims to play a part in the process of enabling the nation to understand its history in a perspective marked by objectivity, honesty and confidence. He tweets @SHBokhari13 and can be reached at [email protected]

India: Hindutva’s Offensive Against History

Since the dawn of humanity, politicians have sought recognition for themselves and their political ambitions. Tyrants have routinely tried to manipulate, alter, and exploit history so as to advance their political agendas. This is precisely what India is doing today.

Bangladesh: The Non-Bengali Genocide

In 1971, Bengali insurgents committed genocide against non-Bengalis, routinely capturing and abusing hundreds of thousands of women. Their accounts have been overshadowed by false propaganda portraying Pakistan as the lone villain in the Bangladesh episode.

Muslims and Hindus: The Holy Grail

Hinduism and Islam have coexisted for millennia since Islam arrived in South Asia. This relationship has been sporadic, with periods of both peace and conflict. The need for unbiased historical pattern analysis, though, cannot be overstated.

India: On Defeatism and Ideology

In view of certain objectionable remarks that have emerged, it is vital to remember that ideology—not hypocrisy—should be the master. If the hypocrisy generated of lethargy and cowardice is not eradicated, it will feed defeatism, which is unwarranted and destructive.

India-Pakistan Rivalry and Concepts of Rules, Laws, & Justice

Can a No ball decision in a cricket match awaken the Pakistani Nation to the sinister relationship between power and justice?

Agnipath: Game-Changer for India?

As India takes to the “Paths of Fire”, can Pakistan afford to remain sound asleep?

The Relevance of Iqbal

Iqbal was a philosopher who focused both on the individual and the collective/nation. But the qualities Iqbal ascribed to that ideal man were also transferrable and recommended on a collective and national level.

Questioning the Relevance of Iqbal

Historical figures have always been questioned and made controversial in parallel to the uncontested fame they hold. Such is the case with the charismatic and visionary poet-philosopher of the South Asian Region - Iqbal. Are his ideas relevant today? How do we objectively establish the relevance of his ideas?

Pakistan Day, 23rd March: Unreserved Triumph or Unfinished Business?

Pakistan, the vision of founding fathers, and the aim of a separate homeland – March 23, 1940, unreserved triumph or unfinished business?

Indian State Elections 2022: The Hindutva Sensation Sweeping the Indian Nation

India's BJP turns out victorious in Uttar Pradesh's state elections 2022. What are the key take-aways from this victory? How does it set the tone for the upcoming general elections in India? How far and in what ways India's 'democracy' has changed?

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