Haleema Khalid

Haleema Khalid is an Editor and Content Lead at South Asia Times. She is a Data Driven Research Analyst specializing in Applied Linguistics from FAST National University, Lahore. Since information in the cyber age is being exploited for narrative building by employing propaganda models weaponozing language, therefore, being passionate about words and the way language works, particularly, the psychological and sociological influence it may have on its users, she has always been interested in the discourse patterns and their socio-cognitive implications.

Shared Destiny: Pak-Afghan Economic Connectivity

Pak-Afghan economic connectivity is just one piece of the broader puzzle of regional integration and connectivity, which in turn is dependent on peace in both countries. Ultimately, tapping their as yet unexplored economic potential can lead to a shared prosperous destiny and future.

Afghanistan and the Great Game 3.0

With the Chinese economic model flourishing along the Silk Roads, the United States has started to realize to develop similar ‘weapons’ in order to compete with revisionist China’s unique take on capitalism. If this doesn’t point toward the revival of the ‘Great Game’ with Afghanistan as the fulcrum of Eurasia, what does? – The Great Game 3.0.

Pakistan-TTP Negotiations

On-going negotiations between Pakistan and TTP; what are the stakes for Pakistan and the Interim Government of Afghanistan? What are the potential detrimental factors that can sabotage the smoothly progressing peace process, that includes the key involvement of Tribal elders?

Kashmir: A Night that Never Ends!

For more than 70 years, Indian state-sponsored atrocities have caused human rights violations in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOK). The barbaric incident that happened in the twin villages of Kunan and Poshpora, in Kupwara District of Kashmir can never be forgotten.

Climate Security Challenges for Pakistan – 2050 Prospects

Characterized by the impact of colonization followed by political instability, economic melt-down and social stratification, Pakistan struggle's to cope with the rapidly changing climate....

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