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China: The Pakistan Variable

Despite Pakistan’s myriad issues, which are more pressing now than ever before, China remains steadfast in its diplomatic guarantees to the country and the grand ambitions that supposedly inspire them.

Kashmiri Resistance: Terrorism or Insurgency

Attack on an Indian Army in Poonch raises a critical question: is it terrorism as India claims, or Kashmiri resistance? Amid sparked debate, one thing’s clear - incident carries crucial implications amidst several upcoming international events in India.

India: The Pulwama Revelations

In addition to triggering a series of events that continue to have an impact on the region, the 2019 Pulwama attack also sparked persistent concerns about Indian state complicity, some of which have only recently come to light.

India: The Fault Lines of Separatism

The ongoing search for Amritpal Singh and recent communal violence against Muslims provoke a broader discussion about the role of religion in contemporary Indian politics and the extent to which it has fueled separatism in the country.

Afghanistan and Pakistan: The Road to Prosperity

The most significant challenge for both Pakistan and Afghanistan is not persuading stakeholders of the economic viability of their transboundary projects but rather creating an ideal environment for them.

Indian Pharma: The Bitter Pill

India is the world's largest producer of generic medications in terms of volume, thanks to its efficient production of "global standard medicine" at affordable prices. Nonetheless, incidents involving child fatalities in the Gambia and Uzbekistan cast doubt on the country's drug laws.

Of Woes and Wishes: Pakistan

Pakistan has rarely been free of the dread of an impending crisis, as history demonstrates. The nation's quest for survival has been fascinating and perilous since its inception. But, it must tenaciously hold onto the hope that gave it birth.

India and Afghanistan: The Windows of Opportunity

The geopolitical rivalry between India and Pakistan in the Afghan theater is not the only rationale for India's readiness to step up and boost international collaboration on counterterrorism issues. There are vested interests for other regional actors as well.

India: The South Asian Giant

Given its ambitions for a more assertive role in the global order, it is imperative to mention India's contested, historically monopolistic dominance of South Asia. This also alludes to the support it offers to proxies in the region.

Indus: The Troubled Waters

Despite numerous violent conflicts between India and Pakistan since the Indus Waters Treaty (IWT) was ratified in 1960, the two neighbors have not yet engaged in any water wars. The treaty has, however, come under fresh scrutiny in recent days.

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