Deedar Karim

Deedar Karim is an International Relations (IR) graduate from the National Defense University (NDU). Currently, he works as an Associate Researcher at the South Asia Times (SAT). He tweets as @DK_Hunzai.

CPEC: Differing Views In Gilgit Baltistan

People of Gilgit Baltistan are receptive to the opportunities that CPEC has to offer but concerns pertaining climate and environmental risks posed by infrastructure as well as increasing tourism influx need addressal.

BRI Carries Religion Through Gilgit Baltistan

Communities united by religious beliefs and divided by borders have a chance to connect back through the grand CPEC, speaking of Pakistan's Gilgit Baltistan and China's northwest. Sustainable livelihoods, education, and health facilities can help eradicate religious extremism also.

Terrorism in Pakistan: The Indo-Iran Nexus

In addition to the local factors that have contributed to the emergence of various terrorist groups in Pakistan, the evidence of foreign influence, particularly from India and Iran, is too substantial to be dismissed.

Iran: Its Asymmetric Footprint in South Asia

While Iran's tacit assistance of terrorist groups in neighboring countries exacerbates the suffering of Pakistan and the South Asian region, insurgents and terrorist groups are challenging to put an end to as long as they have sanctuaries nearby.

TTP: “Let’s Disturb China”

Owing to its historical and current ties to regional terrorist groups, TTP is one of China's greatest security challenges. However, it is strategically unsustainable unless the Afghan Taliban stop supporting it on the pretext of fulfilling their ethno-religious obligations.

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