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Azhar Zeeshan is a Senior Research Associate at South Asia Times. His area of interest is South Asian Politics with a particular focus on Aghhanistan and Pakistan. He tweets at @azharzeeshan4

Book Review: The Return Of The Taliban Afghanistan After The US Left

The book provides a valuable insight into the post-withdrawal Afghanistan. “The Return of the Taliban” by Hassan Abbas is indeed a significant addition to the existing corpus of knowledge on Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover.

Chinese National Accused of Blasphemy Is Another Test for China-Pakistan Ties

The incident could reinforce existing concerns about Chinese workers’ safety in Pakistan, and a pull-out by China could be disastrous for Pakistan’s economy.

Book Review: The Silk Roads

The rise of China at breakneck speed and the growing influence of Russia in the International Political arena after its invasion of Ukraine, are some of the things which Frankopan had already predicted in The Silk Roads: A New History of the World.

Book Review: The Great Delusions

Exploring a claim how the policy of 'Liberal Hegemony' has proved disastrous for the United States, in his book, "The Great Delusions," John. J Mearsheimer, a renowned International Relations theorist unleashed an assault on the foreign policy of the United States since the end of the Cold War.

Foreign Policy 2. 0 and Afghan Taliban

In contrast to its hawkish foreign policy in the 1990s which earned the Taliban the ire of the International community, this time, they sound more dovish in their foreign policy approach which is well illustrated in the organization’s dealing with major powers and with those neighboring countries with whom the Taliban were at odds in the 1990s.

India’s Ingress Into Afghanistan: Why Should Pakistan Worry

Afghanistan in influx - can Pakistan afford to allow India to make in-roads into Afghanistan once again? How much worrisome is India's gradually growing ingress in Afghanistan?

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