A National Icon Dies Pakistan Mourns the Death of Nisar Siddiqui

Nisar Siddiqui, founder of IBA Sukkur, as well as several other quality institutions in Sindh, has
passed away. The sad news of his demise at the age of 76 was broken to the public on June 22,
2020. He was a Pakistan Civil Service officer who was known as an icon of integrity,
commitment, and courage.
IBA Sukkur was established in 2006. The university is well-known for its credibility, and for
being free of political influence, unlike most other institutes in the province. IBA Sukkur has one
of the most transparent systems in terms of honoring its merit-based admission criteria for the
entire country.
The former bureaucrat and renowned educationist was well known for his efforts as the Vice-
Chancellor of IBA Sukkur. In only a decade, he took the university to a standard where it met
the benchmark for quality institutions worldwide. He made sure that the University made it to the
top fifty higher educational institutes of Pakistan.
Those who knew him, speak of the brilliance he exuded, as well as his humility. His services to
the province and the country in the education sector are worthy of being remembered for decades
to come.
This famous quote by him sums up the sort of person he was: “My message is quite simple but
implies a continuous struggle for change. On every ‘today’ we should dream of a better
‘tomorrow’. IBA Sukkur is determined to become the center of excellence for achieving the goal
of betterment for Sindh, the prosperity of Pakistan, and the welfare of the world at large.”
His visionary qualities were often exhibited in his plans. In a conference, the late professor was
once asked about the difference between LUMS, SZABIST, AKU, and IBA. He replied saying
that the former are opening up campuses in the Middle East, whereas IBA is planning to open

campuses in Kandhkot, Dadu, and community colleges across various districts in interior Sindh.
The difference lies in the priorities, and thus in the local socio-economic class being provided
with an opportunity for education. His dedicated services to the nation will not be forgotten.


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