Modi: The Defeat in Karnataka Elections

The defeat of Narendra Modi and the BJP in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly elections raises serious questions about the future of India's political landscape, as well as the implications for neighboring Pakistan.

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Our Gold Mine of Baloch Youth

Pakistan's youth holds immense power to shape the nation's future trajectory. Discover how investing in their education, skills, and employment opportunities can lead to positive outcomes.


Saudi-Iran Rapprochement: Opportunities for Pakistan

Given that Saudi Arabia and Iran have agreed to fully resume diplomatic relations within the next two months, there is an opportunity for Pakistan to revitalize its Middle Eastern policy.


India: Hindutva’s Offensive Against History

Since the dawn of humanity, politicians have sought recognition for themselves and their political ambitions. Tyrants have routinely tried to manipulate, alter, and exploit history so as to advance their political agendas. This is precisely what India is doing today.

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Chinese National Accused of Blasphemy Is Another Test for China-Pakistan Ties

The incident could reinforce existing concerns about Chinese workers’ safety in Pakistan, and a pull-out by China could be disastrous for Pakistan’s economy.


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US adds Chinese, Russian entities to trade blacklist

U.S. expands trade blacklist with 37 entities for national security and human rights concerns.

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