The Myth of Indian Secularism

Despite its secular facade, some provisions of the Indian Constitution contravene genuine secularism, as evidenced by distinct personal laws, limited religious freedom, religious-based reservations, governmental control over institutions, and religion's influence over politics.

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India at G20: Is the Glitter Just Surface Deep?

As India prepares to take the spotlight at the G20 Summit, it's essential to question whether this glittering opportunity signifies a genuine commitment to address pressing concerns or if it merely serves as a facade. The issues of rising inflation, extremism, Islamophobia, and the Kashmir situation cast a shadow on India's international image.


September 6th: The Battle Within

Beyond the displays of military prowess, September 6th is a day for introspection—a time to acknowledge that while external threats are palpable, the gravest danger often festers within our borders.


China and Afghanistan: The Blossoming of a Mutual Affinity

A new partnership is growing in the South Asian region. China is extending its hand to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, on principles of respecting sovereignty & non-interference in internal matters.


Pakistan: A Case of Climate Change Disproportionately

One does not need to go far to understand how the disproportionate contributions to climate change are adding an extra layer of vulnerability to countries who are already tangles in a host of issues. Pakistan is one such country.


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US adds Chinese, Russian entities to trade blacklist

U.S. expands trade blacklist with 37 entities for national security and human rights concerns.

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